About Us

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The Reading & District Dog Training Club has been in existence since 1962.
We offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced training classes using clicker training. 

Why do we use clicker training?

The clicker provides an immediate and precise way to communicate with your dog leading to faster learning

Clicker training uses positive reinforcement to reward success

Clicker trained dogs are eager to learn.

Absolutely no force is required

Clicker training can teach basic obedience behaviours as well as more advanced tricks or useful behaviours

Clicker training develops a bond between dog and owner that is amazing to see.

We recommend Reading Puppies for puppies under 18 weeks of age . 
Check out their web site at readingpuppies.com or phone Gillian on 0118 957 5105.

For dog behavioural problems we reccommend  Philippa Short at www.animalfriend.co.uk

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